Hi, I'm a digital designer.
Looking to develop myself in a career using my knowledge of;
- UI/UX design;
- front-end design;
- social media work.

I'm a Media Production graduate from DMU, and now looking to pursue a career that will allow me to improve my own skills, whilst being able to use what I've learnt to help grow other organisaitons.

I am also open to working on projects on a freelance basis.

About Me

I'm Josh Taylor, a young and enthusiastic person who is looking to pursue a successful career which allows me to grow in a company.

I pride myself on always ensuring to put as much effort as possible into everything I do - whether this be university, different job roles or personal experiences. I love to try new things as often as possible, which is why I always make the most out of every experience so that I can continue to grow and learn something new.

Zeus and Senka

As of May 2021, I have completed my third and final year at De Montfort University, where I have achieved a 2:1 degree in Media Production.

During my time on the course, I've been able to touch on a wide range of media forms, including front-end web design, social media work, video editing and production, photography, audio production and TV production.

From this, I decided to focus on creating websites; starting from the original design process with their wireframes, to bringing them to life with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

It is now my goal to get a job in a modern company doing UI/UX Design, where I can grow and develop my knowledge, skills and enjoyment in the role.

My Skills

During my time at De Montfort University, along with previous jobs and personal projects, I've been able to develop a wide range of skills that are relevant to UI Design and front-end web design, plus other media forms.

Some of my skills for a digital design role include;

Additional Skills

I've also built up a range of skills from my time working in different job roles and volunteer roles, where I've been able to work closely as a team with various people.

These include;


Since the age of 16 I've always worked, starting whilst I was at Sixth Form and continuing throughout my time at University. This has lead to me gaining relevant experience in a workplace.

I understand the importance of working closely within a team for the best outcome, for both the customers and the team itself. The best work environment is one where everyone is comfortable, relaxed and getting along with one another.

I've worked under a lot of pressure, whether this be due to approaching deadlines, long rushes or from the COVID pandemic.

Now that I've finished my degree, I feel ready and excited to work in a new career path, one where I hope I can progress and enjoy coming to the office everyday.


Besides everything web-related, in my personal life I enjoy to spend time with my family and friends and to be outdoors. I really enjoy "doing something" and easily get bored the longer that I'm stuck inside or following the same routine, and love the opportunity to do something new.

Since my time working at Starbucks I rely on coffee on a daily basis, but also love to go to different, unique cafes to complete some work. It's also my long term goal to open my own cafe one day.

Going to new places is something that really excites me, and travelling is one of the best ways to achieve that. So far I've been to China, Italy and the USA, but I'm planning on growing that list throughout my life.

My Dog
Zeus, my German Shepherd, is someone who is always happy to follow me wherever I go. He's my favourite companion for anything and gives me an excuse to go for long walks every day, and to find out new places to discover together.